Help Fund Your Training Investment…Just for Being You

More than half of TWS students receIVed scholarships or grants to help fund their investment in trade school during the 2019-2020 school yeari.



There are two types of scholarships:

  • 任人唯贤
  • 以需求为基础
  • You might be eligible for a merit-based scholarship if you had good grades in high school, did well on a sports team, or have specific talents or traits. Some scholarships are even available for students preparing for skilled trades careers.


    • You’ll need to meet all regular admissions requirements and be scheduled to start training before applying for a scholarship.
    • Changing your training start date could result in the loss of your scholarship.
    • Students are placed in classes and programs based on availability. If you are awarded a scholarship while enrolled in certain classes and programs, you cannot transfer that award.IV

Find Available Scholarships by Program

Did you know you might qualify for a scholarship just for training to become a welder, HVAC/R technician or electrician? Scholarships are also available to help military members, veterans and their families with the transition from service to trade school.

  • 焊接奖学金 – Scholarships for welding and pipefitting training programs.
  • HVAC / R奖学金 – Scholarships for heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration training programs.
  • 电气奖学金 – Scholarships for electrical applications and electrician training.
  • 一般贸易学校奖学金 – Scholarships for skilled trades training.
  • 军事奖学金 – Scholarships for military members, veterans and their families for vocational training


Scholarship FAQ & Resources

  • How much money could I receIVe from a scholarship?

    Some scholarship awards are a few hundred dollars and others cover the total cost of tuition.

  • 我在哪里可以找到奖学金?

    你可以在网上或在公共图书馆研究奖学金。请与当地的社区组织,教会和企业。许多在线网站可以很好的帮助。记住:永远不要支付申请奖学金。奖学金的信息也可在交易平台的财务援助部门。致电 855-237-7711.

  • When is the deadline to apply for scholarships?

    Deadlines vary with the scholarship. Getting an early start on your scholarship search and applications is a good idea because some deadlines can be as early as a year before school starts.

  • 我如何拿到奖学金?


  • Is my scholarship award gIVen directly to me or the school?

    Either is possible. You may receIVe a check for the full award amount, or the scholarship provider may send the money to your school to apply to tuition and fees. Check with the scholarship provider.

  • Will a scholarship impact my other financial aid?

    Yes. A scholarship is considered a form of financial aid. When all of the aid you receIVe is added up, it cannot total more than your cost of attending TWS. Make sure to let one of our 经济资助 Advisors know if you are awarded a scholarship